Micro-perforated steel waiting room bench

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This bench, unique and unparalleled in its design, is entirely forged from 1.5 mm thick steel, the strongest that can be found on the market.
This feature makes it the ideal solution for any space, public or private, that needs comfortable seating for waiting.
With its refined, minimalist style, this bench blends harmoniously with various environments, enhancing the appearance of spaces designed to accommodate waiting areas.
We offer a range of configurations that can be customized to meet different space and comfort needs, varying from 2 to 5 seats.
Available options include the standard version, for those who want simplicity and efficiency; the standard version enhanced with a practical additional table, ideal for those who need a tabletop; the option with cushions, designed to offer superior comfort; and finally, the solution that combines the cushions with the table, for maximum comfort and functionality.
The bench is distinguished by its elegant silver color finish, with the exception of the sturdy central beam painted in a sophisticated black, which creates a visually appealing and striking contrast.
To ensure practicality and hygiene as well, the bench’s surfaces are designed to be cleaned quickly and easily, thus ensuring maintenance and durability.
This bench is not just a piece of furniture, but a true design solution designed to enhance the surrounding space, combining aesthetics and functionality flawlessly.

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Micro-perforated steel waiting room bench
A partire da: 175,00 (143,44 + iva) Select options
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