Dear Customer,

to ensure your purchase arrives in perfect shipping condition, we have always used professionals in shipping.
But sometimes it may happen that packages or parcels of ordered items do not arrive in their original condition and are not handled with the same care, which we usually employ.
For this, we ask you to take a quick look at the reminder below:

  • Always verify that the number of packages received matches the number of packages marked on the transport document.
  • Always check the perfect integrity of the packaging, whether it is a pallet or loose packages.

In case of quantitative or qualitative anomaly, accepted delivery only by including the following statement in the receipt:

SPECIFIC RESERVE¹ and a description of the discrepancies found.
By highlighting on the POD/palm the discrepancies found

(N.B. generic reservations such as “non-conforming goods” or “inspection reserve” are not considered valid)

Notify us immediately with an email ( indicating the anomaly found in the delivery and the photo of the receipt issued by the courier indicating the Specific Reservation you signed.

I M P O R T A N T !!!

Sign with
Specific Reservation
means that the recipient reserves the right to check the integrity of the goods, with the possibility of recourse against the courier in case of damage.

Click in the button below: by way of explanation you will find a pdf , which shows how to affix the Specific Reserve and related generic description of the discrepancy.

Thank you for your cooperation and helpfulness!
The Team of Formar Contract Srl

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