Terms and conditions

Formar.shop by Formar Contract allows everyone to buy their products online, through a simple, convenient and secure service.

It is possible to make a purchase after registration or as a guest, but in both cases it is necessary to fill in all the required fields.

All orders are subject to confirmation.


After registering, which takes a few simple steps, the new customer has an internal control panel, where he or she can enter his or her shipping address, allowing the system to keep it stored to speed up the next purchase, and manage the shopping cart and product comparison option.
Choose the product, size and color you want and after selecting the desired quantity add it to the cart. At the time you want to proceed with the purchase, enter inside the shopping cart, logging in first if registered, and proceed with the order. It is possible to change or remove chosen products from the shopping cart at any time.


Once you have selected all the products to purchase, proceed with the order. If you have an updated account with data and shipping address, the purchase process will be faster. Otherwise, enter the required data and proceed with the order.
The order will be processed only upon receipt of payment for the product, depending on the payment method chosen.

Our Customer Service Department is at your disposal.

Our professionals will respond to your inquiries regarding our services.

For any information or quote request, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Formar Contract Ltd.
Stadium Street, 33
60015 | Falconara Marittima (AN)

toll-free number 800 12.22.67
Tel. 071 590.60.63

Sales Office: info@formar-contract.it
E-commerce: shop@formar-contract.it
PEC: info@pec.formar-contract.it

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